What is home automation?

Put simply, home automation is the installation of systems in the home in order to make life easier and more enjoyable. These systems can be just about anything at all! We offer a vast majority of them for wonderfully low prices (find some for your home here). A “smart home” is simply a home with one or more home automation systems installed.


Want to Know More?

The links below will direct you to more information about the services we provide. Here are some examples of home automation:

Our customers rave about their home automation systems! The systems are user-friendly and make life easier. Take hold of the ability to command anything in your house with the push of a button.


For Example, Security

With home automation, your house could be viewed on your phone with cameras, monitored with motion/audio sensors, air pressure sensors, window opening detectors, and detect fire, gas, or water leaks. You could even set up a medical alerting system so that if a problem arose with someone’s health, an ambulance could be on the way instantaneously. A security system can also be set up to turn lights on and off randomly, at certain times of day.


Universal Control

Any number of the services listed above can be installed into any home, but the real kicker is when you use system integration to bring the entire house under your control. Believe it or not, you can control the entire household with your iPad or iPhone using Control 4. Many options are available for system integration including the ability to access the home from a website URL or mobile app. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



Home automation doesn’t have to be a pain as some companies make it out to be! It is literally a phone call away. Often people are concerned about high costs and massive equipment or possibly having wires all over the place. With Smarter Homes of Austin, we’ll walk through the process with you, and our professional installers are the best in the industry. You can pick out parts and view examples of our equipment at our selection store in Austin.

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  1. Yeah as mentioned a home can get wide scope of installations from high end lighting control and automation systems to basic alarm and CCTV installations. Smart phones and tablets or even the computers can use as the controllers through Internet for it.

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