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Window Covering Austin


Imagine opening an entire room or an entire house of window coverings at the touch of a button. The ultimate in convenience, control and sophistication, motorized shades are a stunning addition to any home or commercial space.
Choosing your motorized shades should be an easy and enjoyable process. Our staff of highly trained professionals has extensive experience and can offer knowledgeable guidance during the selection process. By prioritizing key considerations such as; privacy, light control and functionally, the appropriate shades are narrowed and decisions are simplified.
Technical details such as power sources, wiring layout, mounting considerations, control requirements and configuration are handled with the confidence that is derived from many similar installations. Typically, each setting presents a “best way” to design an electric shade system, in terms of cost effectiveness and performance. The key is knowing which way is the best – this is where non-exclusive focus on motorization and depth of expertise in this area is most valuable.